Develop Good Habits – by S.J. Scott


DevelopGoodHabitsSJScottI recently saw a Kindle book about Evernote being mentioned by Lynn Terry, and being a big Evernote fan I went to Amazon to check it out.

That lead me to the Author Page of S.J. Scott – an author with several books (paperback, Kindle, Audible Audio and Audio CD) about habits and productivity.

Plenty of Kindle authors “hide” behind pseudonyms and pen names, but the picture looked legit, so I went searching to see¬†what else he had been up to.

And that’s when I came across his Develop Good Habits website.

And I quite like the site.

  • Lots of productivity and habit blog posts.
  • A page with 203 different good habits neatly organized into 7+1 categories.
  • A page with a good starting point for doing 30 Day Habit Changes – including Steve’s own challenges from January 2013 to December¬†2013 (January 2014 is hinted at as being about Evernote, but no link to a live blogpost at this time)