Great, so the FTC decides to make it easier to shut down sites where fake testimonials, manipulated earnings snapshots and unrealistic earnings are being used to lure/trick people into bying something.

I’m not strictly sure they apply to recidents outside USA, but I’ve decided that I would rather play it safe and go along with their recommendations.

So, when you see any link on my site there’s a good chance that I’ll make a commission if you decide to buy whatever they are selling after clicking the link on this site.

The truth is that I try to use affiliate links whenever possible – so when you see a link just assume that I’ll make a commission on any sales generated.

Just take Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training programs for instance – I bought it, have downloaded lots of workouts from his online archives, I use his forum and I’ve participated in 2 of his transformation contests so far (and made finalist in my first contest) – so when you see any links to Craigs stuff you can be 100% it’s an affiliate link.

There will be link to sites I have no monetary affiliation with, but just assume I’ll make commissions on those links as well.

The same goes for Paid Reviews (which I on October 2009 haven’t done so far) – should you ever see a review on this site then assume I’m getting paid to write it.

The truth about reviews on this site is that I have a mental block that prevents me from just copy-and-paste reviews from affiliate resources provided by companies that I try to get paid for recommending.

If I write about products with subtle hints, suggestions or even flat out promises about specific amounts of money, muscle strength or weight loss assume then assume I’ve completely lost my marbles or that I’m being held at gunpoint.

Assume that all the hints, suggestions and promises (although they are coming from my own personal experiences) are bogus and fabricated.

Take Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat for instance – the review on this site is my own personal experience with Brad’s approach to losing weight. Will you get the same results I did? – well, assume that you will not. Will you experience the same lack of significant negative sideefects? – well, assume that you will have a horrible time on your fasting days and I will not get in trouble with the FTC.

Will I link to something without having tried it myself? – sure, but it will never be as part of a review – more like an announcement of something that have popped up.

The Withings WiFi Body Fat Scale is a good example of that – I don’t own one, but it sure looks cool enough for me to promote it through my affiliation with Amazon

Will you see recommendations of something without me having tried it myself? – sure, but this will predominantly be products by people I trust or recommended by people I trust (and I trust very few people online, especially when it comes to internet marketers and fitness and diet gurus)

In the end it all comes down to trust – if you trust me to not send you to any harmful sites with questionable content then my work here is done. I cannot persuade you to purchase anything, I cannot pressure you into buying anything against your will – all I can do is point you in what I believe to be a useful direction.

The decision to buy something is yours and yours alone.

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