Gold Box Deals of the Day: Up to 32% off Trigger Point Performance Foam Rollers


The Amazon Gold Box Deals of the Day is up to 32% off foamrollers from Trigger Point Performance.

The discount is for the The GRID, GRID 2.0 and GRID Mini range of rollers.

If you’re not already using foam rollers on a daily basis then you’re really cheating yourself.

They work wonders for breaking up scar tissue and stretching your fascia.

They are easier to control than tennis balls for instance, but at the same time you will not be able to apply pressure to a specific point like you would with a ball – and no where as accurate as a TheraCane or a Knobble.

I’ve been using one for years – not as fancy as the ones from TPP though as I made it myself out of a stick, an old yoga mat and some duct tape.